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Stow Certification


CGCL and the Energy Chamber partner up to increase Stow Certification among La Brea contractors

The Energy Chamber is currently partnering with Caribbean Gas Chemical Limited (CCGL) to support La Brea-based subcontractors in obtaining STOW Certification.  An increase in STOW certified contractors will help in capacity-building and improvement in local content during the development of CCGL’s natural gas to petrochemical complex.

CCGL, a consortium made up of Mitsubishi Corporation, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co. Inc. and Neal and Massy Holdings, signed an agreement with the Government of Trinidad & Tobago earlier in April 2013, to construct and operate a US $850 billion dollar natural gas to petrochemicals complex in La Brea. Apart from generating revenue and stimulating the growth of new manufacturing and export sectors in the country, the complex carded for construction in 2014, is also expected to create opportunities for local content from our engineering, construction and contracting sectors.

According to CCGL, “in terms of employment generation, particularly for the South Western community, peak employment during the construction of the two is estimated to the area of 2,500 to 3,000 people.  During operations, 180 people are expected to be permanently employed by the project with a similar number indirectly employed”.

As a part of its social responsibility and local content strategy, CCGL is proactively engaging small and medium sized contractors in La Brea, to ensure that they are poised to take advantage of business opportunities emerging from the development of the complex.  CCGL is ensuring that La Brea contractors are aware of and understand the type of opportunities that will be available and the conditions under which companies will have a chance to be selected by EPC contractor for construction works on the complex.  CCGL is taking their social responsibility a step further by linking the La Brea contractors with the relevant organizations that can assist them in building capacity and closing critical gaps within their companies, before the project starts.

CCGL will be using STOW to manage contractor safety on the project and as such, STOW certification will be required for all contractors engaged in high risk , during the construction of the complex.  To assist the La Brea contractors with this requirement, CCGL has partnered with the Energy Chamber to provide the contractors with guidance on becoming STOW certified.

This project will be one of the first major Petrochemical Construction activities that will also require the PLEA HSE Passport (pass card) to work on the site. Both STOW and PLEA requirements for workers are part of CGCL’s value for Health, Safety and the environment.

The request from CCGL was well timed and in keeping with the Energy Chamber and STOW Implementation Board’s strategic plans to engage contractors outside the mainstream energy sector catchment areas.

Since starting the STOW programme in 2006, the Energy Chamber has targeted energy service providers and contractors in central and south (San Fernando) Trinidad and along the east/ west corridor.  This decision was based on the fact that this region primarily serves the oil and gas operating companies that signed the STOW Charter and had to meet interim deadlines for STOW certification. Others who are not yet certified must meet the final 30th December 2013 deadline. 

The partnership with CCGL has expedited the Energy Chamber’s plans to reach out to La Brea contractors on STOW certification. The Energy Chamber will subsequently engage contractors in Pt. Fortin, Mayaro and Guayaguayare.  The Energy Chamber started its work with the La Brea contractors on 30th October 2013, at a STOW awareness session hosted by CCGL at the National Energy Skills Centre in La Brea.  The session was attended by approximately forty (40) contractors who are keen to be a part of the project. 

Contractors were informed about the steps and costs associated with STOW certification and were made aware of the Sample STOW Manual which is free of charge and available on the Energy Chamber’s website at  Any contractor can use this document as their HSE manual by simply tailoring it suit their operations. As expected, those in attendance raised several questions, especially about the cost of certification and the likelihood of being guaranteed work after investing in STOW.

A key takeaway from the session was a commitment by the Energy Chamber to make bi-monthly visits to La Brea over the next six months to facilitate one-on-one meetings with contractors and provide technical assistance as required.  CCGL will lend overall support in this exercise.  The Energy Chamber is pleased to be a part of the process of building capacity in La Brea and preparing contractors for opportunities in the project.

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STOW is a certification programme for contractor’s health, safety and environmental management systems (HSE-MS). The programme involves contractors implementing the STOW HSE requirements, undergoing an audit of their HSE management system, and the company getting certified if required scores are attained. STOW certification means that contractors have implemented systems that make it safe for them to work in the energy sector. 


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