Employees Empowered for Firefighting

Every year, National Energy’s employees are required to achieve pre-established safety hurdles in accordance with their Individual Performance Contract (IPC). This usually requires attendance at training or an awareness session related to health, safety or the environment. Sometimes the training sessions can be fairly standard and routine. Not this year however.
In 2016, the Loss Prevention and Sustainability and Human Resources and Strategic Planning Departments collaborated to deliver Fire Extinguisher training in a new and innovative manner. The program, which was held in November 2016, was facilitated by the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Services Community Awareness Unit. Hosted at National Energy’s offices, the sessions allowed for a maximum of twenty-five (25) employees on each day, ensuring that everyone had an opportunity to interact with the lecturers and apparatus.

Using a unique blend of humour, statistics and fire prevention theory, the well-versed Fire Officers delivered the content in an engaging fashion, keeping the interest of participants throughout. Following the classroom component, employees got the opportunity to practice their firefighting skills in various scenarios. This allowed participants to reinforce the different types of extinguishers required to handle fires caused by varying fuels.

In order to ensure that all persons working at National Energy’s offices are prepared for the eventuality of a fire, the firefighting training is being extended to the NGC and NGC CNG staff who occupy the Head Office Extension building.

Following these sessions, staff can now feel empowered and better prepared to prevent and handle fires both at the office as well as in their homes.

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