Plastic Recycling at Milton
  On 13 May 2015 the Loss Prevention & Sustainability (LPS) Department continued on its mission to raise environmental awareness in National Energy’s fence line communities. The department hosted an interactive session in conjunction with Piranha International Limited at Milton Presbyterian Primary School on the topic of Plastic Recycling.

The main objectives of the sessions were to educate students on the impact of improper plastic disposal and the dangers to marine life. The negative impacts of dumping plastic in our water courses were discussed and students learned creative ways in which plastic items can be re-used and recycled.

The LPS team commended the students on the high level of interest shown and their expressed willingness to get involved in recycling initiatives which have become part of the culture at Milton Presbyterian. They were particularly keen to learn how plastic waste affects marine habitats and committed to start bringing in plastic and glass from their homes to be recycled. Students were also interested in finding ways to reduce the costs of recycling and agreed to share their knowledge with their families and friends.

The golden agers were then taken on a trip down memory lane during the “Guess the Calypso” game which saw them competing for prizes. This was followed by National Energy’s Ms. Denise Cyrus who thrilled the audience with her monologue, “Valentine’s Day”. A member of the audience, Ms. Catherine Lemessy then performed two songs on ‘trumpet’ using only her hands to mimic the sound of the musical instrument National Energy brand ambassadors assisted in the distribution of lunch and tokens to all guests.
This was only the first of several school awareness sessions planned by the LPS Department for 2015. They will continue to partner with relevant organizations to educate the public on the importance of environmental conservation.

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