Promoting Reading Development


In keeping with the company’s commitment to its Corporate Social Responsibility pillar of Education, National Energy hosted Reading Workshops in the La Brea community. The workshops which targeted children between the ages of 6 to 12, were held during the month of July 2015. Partnering with the San Fernando Arts Council, National Energy hosted the 6-session workshop, with the aim of improving the reading and comprehension abilities of children in the community.

All 28 participants were assessed using the Ministry of Education’s assessment tools and worksheets. Dyslexia, reading disabilities and reading frustration were among the areas tested. Upon completion of the workshops, individual reports were prepared for each child and parents were given a synopsis of where their child’s current capabilities were, and where they needed to be for their respective levels. Tutors met individually with all parents to discuss their child’s reading development. A plan for continued developmental interventions is being developed with priority given to the ten (10) participants who require remedial reading sessions.

All participants received certificates with five (5) students being rewarded for outstanding contributions during the session. National Energy intends to continue hosting these workshops as we continue to promote the education development of the youth.

National Energy is a subsidiary of Social
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