Upholding the Pillar of Education

Youth, Sport, Culture, Education and Capacity-building. These are the five (5) pillars on which National Energy has built is CSR and Community Involvement Program over the years and in 2016, the company has continued to uphold the pillar of Education by lending support to students of schools in our fence line communities.

This was evident in our annual distribution of book bags and school supplies to the graduating classes of our partner school, Milton Presbyterian Primary School and Brighton Anglican Primary School. On 29 June 2016, employees were on hand to hand over the bags to the twelve (12) proud graduates of Milton while Community Relations Liaison, Reay Greaves, distributed bags at Brighton AC on the day of SEA results, 05 July 2016. A school visit was also paid to Esperanza Presbyterian Primary School on 14 June 2016 to share information about the energy industry and distribute school supplies to the appreciative Standard 5 class.

Despite the challenging economic times being faced by all companies in the energy sector, National Energy remains committed to doing its part to contribute to the future of our country by continuing to invest in the education of our young people.





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