Parang! Parang! Parang!


On Thursday, 08 December 2016, the National Energy ‘Paranderos’ upheld our annual Christmas tradition of singing sweet Parang for the residents of the Couva Home for the Aged and delivering ‘care packs’. While the seniors are always appreciative of the personal care items and Christmas goodies they receive, it is the music and signing however, that gets them most excited.

The parang band was expanded in 2016, as new members joined in to make a joyful noise. Complete with guitar, chac chacs and tambourine, the group gave an energetic performance to the appreciative audience. This year, the elders received a special treat as National Energy’s resident monologist, Denis Cyrus, shared a piece entitled We Celebrating Jesus, reminding all of the reason for the season. To close the show, the band reached deep into its repertoire to deliver some soca parang hits which delighted the senior citizens.

We thank all those who participated in packing of the care packs and performing for the elderly this Christmas. We look forward to doing it again next year.

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