Solar House Progress


As part of the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs’ (MEEA) National Energy Communication Campaign, National Energy was given the mandate to construct a solar house in Trinidad and Tobago to create awareness of the design of solar and energy efficient systems for households, and the benefits of such.

This house has been designed to meet the energy needs of an average household (4 or 5 persons) in Trinidad and Tobago. The main components will include solar panels, solar water heaters, and solar-powered fans and lighting. The 750 square foot, two-bedroom wooden house, consisting of an open floor plan kitchen/living room area, with a small veranda, will also be fully furnished upon completion.

In December 2014, National Energy executed a contract with GH Photovoltaic Installation Training Agency Inc., for the establishment of a solar house in Trinidad and Tobago. The project involves the design, construction, supply and installation, project management, and testing and commissioning of all solar components and energy efficient modules in the house. The project site is the University of Trinidad and Tobago’s (UTT) Point Lisas Campus.

Construction of the solar house began in April 2015 and is progressing well. A natural lighting fixture has been installed in the living room areas along with two-way cooling fans. It is expected that the house would be completed by July 2015 with the installation of solar panels.

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