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Trinidad and Tobago is a financial and commercial hub in the Caribbean with more than 100 years’ experience in the international energy business. The country has built an attractive environment for trade and investment.

Benefits of investing in Trinidad and Tobago:

  • Highly developed energy sector
  • Access to developed and emerging markets
  • Highly skilled and trained labour force
  • Competitive energy costs
  • Competitive raw material costs and availability
  • Competitive fiscal incentives
  • Excellent infrastructure and support services for heavy industries
  • Advanced education and training facilities
  • Excellent living standards and communities for foreigners, nationals and their families.

Sustainable Energy Development

Trinidad and Tobago ratified the Paris Agreement in 2018, solidifying this country’s commitment to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and overall carbon footprint. National Energy is therefore actively pursuing opportunities to implement Renewable Energy technologies and projects in keeping with the country’s sustainability goals. In the area of Energy Efficiency, National Energy was recently represented on a Cabinet appointed Committee tasked with developing an Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency Policy and Action Plan for Trinidad and Tobago 2020-2024.

Some of the projects and initiatives currently in progress include:

  • Continuing the development of approaches to support and drive the implementation of energy efficiency in the sector. In 2019, National Energy in conjunction with IDB Invest, conducted a Super ESCO Strategic Business Model Assessment in Trinidad and Tobago which involved the conduct of energy efficiency audits in a pilot study with a cross -section of NGC’s Light Industrial Customers.
  • Facilitation of Trinidad and Tobago’s first utility scale solar PV project.
  • A project for Renewable Energy Technology Manufacturing is being advanced which has the potential to create a new industry in Trinidad and Tobago for the manufacture of Solar PV components.
  • Exploring and assessing projects in battery and energy storage.
  • Advancing Emerging Energy Solutions, including opportunities for supporting the development of a local hydrogen economy.

Regional Expansion

As part of its strategy for growth and sustainability, National Energy has taken steps towards expanding its business in the Guyana-Suriname Basin and the Caribbean. Through the extension of existing service offerings and the development of new, innovative service solutions, the Company is well positioned to support the growth of its regional partners.

  • Transport
    Several project concepts are being assessed to provide cleaner, cost effective and efficient transport fuel to the region, including development of segments along the LNG Value Chain such as LNG Bunkering.

  • Support Services
    In 2019, National Energy opened an office in Guyana on behalf of the NGC Group of Companies. Having a presence in the country, National Energy is building relationships with key stakeholders for the provision of expertise in the burgeoning energy territories of Guyana and neighbouring Suriname. National Energy’s service offering includes the provision of technical expertise, Project Development, Port and Estate Development as well as marine Marine Logistics.

The Company is also seeking equity investment opportunities and partnerships which would provide growth while supporting the growing industries of the emerging hydrocarbon provinces.

Natural Gas Development

In carrying out its mandate, National Energy continues to conceptualize, facilitate, promote and develop new energy-based and downstream industries in Trinidad and Tobago. Innovative opportunities for chemical/bio-chemical project investment are being sought alongside new approaches and business models in which sustainability is part of the equation

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