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At National Energy, we recognize that our most valuable assets are our employees and we place importance on provision of a safe and healthy working environment. National Energy has therefore undertaken a series of Health, Safety and Environment initiatives aligned with good risk management practices, as we strive to be global leaders in the downstream energy sector. Initiatives championed by the Company include the implementation of local and international Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems such as Safe to Work (STOW) Certification and compliance with OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 requirements.  

We have adopted the WHO Declaration of Occupational Health for All and Workers’ Health - a Global Plan of Action. We believe that this is vital to improving and sustaining employee morale and commitment, reducing absenteeism and thus, ensuring the quality and consistency of our operations. Our health and safety program is established on the fundamental principles: Anticipate, Recognise, Evaluate, Control and Manage. The program consists of:
Comprehensive Occupational Health Risk Assessment
Industrial Hygiene Monitoring
  Occupational Health Screening
  Annual Medicals
  Wellness Programs (based on prevention of non-communicable diseases). Annually we also promote healthy lifestyles through health fairs during our EHSS week and cancer awareness month.

At National Energy we ensure that economic growth is merged with environmental stewardship by consistently seeking to improve the company’s environmental quality standards and social responsibility.
Our strategies include: 
Minimizing our ecological footprint through the prevention of land and marine pollution and management of the potential impacts of company activities.
Working with contractors to identify and develop environmentally sound policies and procedures.
Ensure compliance with local environmental legislation and international best practice.

Corporate Commitment
  National Energy has spearheaded many local initiatives such as beach clean-up and tree planting carried out by employee volunteers. Also, awareness sessions are provided to all employees to proliferate environmentally sound attitudes.

Community Commitment
  At National Energy, we partner with government institutions, local authorities, community representatives and non-government organisations to facilitate environmental sustainability awareness to the local community and students.
Asset Protection
Access control measures are maintained at all of our facilities by trained Private Security Personnel. Our main physical assets include National Energy Head Office, Tug Mooring Facility (Port Point Lisas), LABIDCO Port, Savonetta Piers, Port of Galeota, Estate and Administrative office and UIE.
  Our Asset Protection Strategy is designed to protect shareholder value in our existing operations by identifying risk and taking appropriate measures to minimize risk to individuals, Company personnel and assets.

Based on the ISPS Code and the Shipping (Ship and Port Facility Security) Regulations, 2004 of Trinidad and Tobago, we have in place a Port Facility Security Plan (PFSF) for our port facilities which includes access control measures, monitoring capabilities, Ship to Port interface, Security operations and procedures including an Emergency Response Plan.

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