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La Brea Industrial Development Company Ltd.  (LABIDCO)
La Brea Industrial Estate is located at La Brea on the south-western coast of Trinidad. The Estate is owned by The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago (NGC) and Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (PETROTRIN). La Brea Industrial Development Company Limited (LABIDCO) manages the estate. La Brea Industrial Estate is fast becoming an industrial hub for local and international investors in the upstream, midstream and downstream energy sectors.
The estate comprises approximately 600 Ha of land of which approximately 157 Ha has been developed. Services at the estate include:-                       
  • Aggregate
  • Asphalt
  • Bioremediation
  • General construction
  • Oil and gas logistics
  • Pipe laydown yard
  • Platform fabrication
  • Warehousing
The country’s first Fabrication Yard and associated dock for the manufacture of offshore platforms are located on the estate. Several offshore platforms have been fabricated at the facility, including bpTT’s Juniper topsides which was loaded-out from Berth 2, Port of Brighton in January 2017.

Port Operations

The tenants on the estate and local south-based industries use the Port of Brighton which consists of 3 berths totalling 660m in length. Primary port activities include:
Aggregate loading and discharge
General cargo
Pipe loading and discharge
Oil and gas marine logistics
Receipt and processing of marine liquid waste
Rig component discharge and loading
Rig Repairs
Waste oil removal
Government agencies such as Customs and Immigration are present 24-hours per day. The port is fully equipped with navigational aids and leading light towers and the 150m wide navigation channel is dredged to a depth of 12.8m. The turning basin has a diameter of 500m.

The harbour is a compulsory pilotage area and towage services can be provided when the need arises.

Due to the Port of Brighton’s proximity to the oil and gas marine fields in the Gulf of Paria, it is used as the main site for logistics services that support the offshore petroleum activities in the area.

Companies such as ASCO and ADGAS maintain support bases here and Trinmar and BGTT have placed pipe yards at the estate.

Laydown yards are sited at La Brea as an arrival point for shipments of NGC’s Cross Island Pipeline Project’s (CIPP’s) 56-inch diameter pipe and the Beachfield Upstream Development’s (BUD’s) 36-inch diameter pipe. In fact, the Estate has been the primary laydown yard for the receipt and storage of pipe before it is transported to its final destination. In the case of the Beachfield Upstream Development (BUD) marine line, this is the area where the pipe is concrete-coated.
Land Leasing 

There are approximately fifty eight (58) tenantable parcels of which fifty four (54) are leased lots. The existing tenant profile includes:

Offshore Support Services:
A&A Mechanical
AD Gas Co Ltd
Lee's Contracting
Perfection Services Ltd
Well Services Limited
Laydown Yards:

NGC utilizes 60 acres for storage of its 36- and 56-inch diameter pipe
Petrotrin/Trinmar utilize a 20-acre site for pipe storage

Kaizen International is a provider of bioremediation treatment services at LABIDCO’s bioremediation cells at La Brea
Oil Mop Environmental Services
Tiger Tanks
Fabrication Yard:

A&A Mechanical
Damus/Gulf Island Fabricators Joint Venture
Bioremediation Facility
Bioremediation services are offered to companies in the energy sector and other industrial sectors that need safe and organic means to remove petroleum contamination. LABIDCO has successfully treated over 400,000 cubic metres of oily waste to meet international standards for many of the oil companies operating in Trinidad.

At present, LABIDCO’s service provider, Kaizen International Inc., has a fully equipped analytical laboratory off the estate. At the laboratory, the oily waste samples are assessed and monitored. A rigorous scientific approach is employed to ensure that the contaminated soils are cleaned through the use of naturally occurring and harmless microorganisms in the soil.
Fabrication Yard
The Fabrication Yard was developed for the construction of large offshore structures. The fabrication of offshore structures and platforms in Trinidad and Tobago significantly boosts the level of local content in the energy sector. The facility is located on 25 acres of land with a 17-acre Common Yard for short-term leases and two four-acre blocks for long term lease.

bpTT, BHP Billiton, EOG Resources and others have successfully assembled offshore platforms at the La Brea Fabrication Yard.

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