Manager, Ports & Terminals Operations

Nigel Woodsley is an experienced professional and the Manager, Ports & Terminals Operations at National Energy. In his role, Nigel provides operational oversight for the Company's ports and terminals, including the Port of Galeota, ISCOTT Dock, and Berth 3. With a career spanning 16 years in management, Nigel brings a wealth of expertise to his current position.

Nigel joined National Energy in 2013 and was initially tasked with the responsibility of managing the La Brea Industrial Development Company (LABIDCO) and the Port of Galeota. During his time at LABIDCO, he was an integral part of the management team overseeing critical projects, including the reconstruction of Berth 2, the corridor upgrade at LABIDCO, and the project development of the Gas to Petrochemicals Complex. Nigel also played a key role in the operationalisation of the Port of Galeota and continues to contribute to its commercial development and growth. He is also responsible for driving sustainability initiatives at the Port of Galeota with the vision of transitioning it into a Green Port.

Nigel's educational background reflects his commitment to continuous learning and professional development. He holds a Master of Science in Planning and Development from the University of the West Indies and Master of Business Administration in Sustainable Energy Management from The Arthur Lok Jack School of Business. He is also the holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography and is a professional member of the Trinidad & Tobago Society of Planners MTTPS.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Nigel is a founding member of the International Facilities Management Association (TTIFMA). He actively engages with industry professionals, staying up to date with the latest trends and best practices in facilities management.

Outside of work, Nigel values his roles as a father, coach, ALJGSB mentor, and Gentleman farmer.

With his extensive management experience, academic qualifications, and dedication to excellence, Nigel continues to drive the operations and success of National Energy's ports and terminals.



Cor. Rivulet and Factory Roads,
Brechin Castle, Couva Trinidad & Tobago,
P.O. Box 1127, Port of Spain

(t) 1 868 636 8471 (f) 1 868 636 2905