Accelerating Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has been identified as a natural first step towards developing the platform for the cultural change that would lead to alternative energy being fully embraced and integrated into Trinidad and Tobago’s energy mix. After extensive research into the implementation of energy efficiency regionally and internationally, National Energy supports the Energy Services Company (ESCO) model as a viable option for Trinidad and Tobago in the thrust towards developing a sustainable energy sector.


Super ESCO

We believe that our Super ESCO programme currently being developed is critical to unlocking the full potential of energy efficiency in enterprises locally. A Super ESCO is designed to facilitate large-scale implementation of energy efficiency projects. The Super ESCO supports capacity building and project development activities of existing private ESCOs across both public and private sectors.

The role of National Energy as a Super ESCO is extensive and presents significant opportunity as the country advances its transition to a low carbon environment.

The Super ESCO will lead to the:

  • Creation of an environment that spurs entrepreneurial activity, inclusive of job creation
  • Development of feasible energy efficiency (EE) programmes, based on robust financial analysis, including Return on Investments and Cost-benefit Analyses as well as suitable commercial and contract arrangements
  • Establishment of operating guidelines for ESCOs and the registration of ESCOs
  • Promotion and facilitation of private sector investment in EE initiatives
  • Engagement of independent auditors to verify GHG and energy savings from projects implemented
  • Sourcing of financing for the implementation of EE projects across public and private sectors
  • Recommendation of a set of operational and financial incentives, rebates and capital cost allowance based on the desired EE targets
  • Development of communication and marketing strategies to increase public awareness
  • Establishment of demonstration projects and pilots
  • Support of capacity building for energy performance contracting, measurements, monitoring and verification, through training and skills development
  • Promotion of innovation and research
  • Liaising with or co-opting of resources across relevant agencies to support activities
  • Strengthening of the operationalisation of the national Carbon Reduction Strategy by:
    • Providing technical coordination and administration of procurement process for implementing EE projects within the public sector
    • Reporting on the progress of GHG reductions with respect to emitting entities and mitigating actions by participants of EE programmes
    • Establishing relevant databases to serve as a repository to track progress and lessons learnt on projects implementation
    • Synergizing with national MRV systems


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