Supporting Trinidad & Tobago's
Paris Agreement Goals

Trinidad and Tobago is targeting and working towards a 15% reduction in cumulative greenhouse gas emissions by 2030; in absolute terms, this represents an equivalent to 103 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent being removed from the environment. The Government of Trinidad and Tobago commitment to the Paris Agreement is that this reduction would come from industry, power generation and the transport sector from a business-as-usual 2013 baseline.

National Energy supports the Government’s goal of a low-carbon future. We have been implementing renewable energy projects even before the 2018 ratification of the Paris Agreement. We remain committed to the development and implementation of projects that use renewable energy technologies in Trinidad and Tobago.


EV Charging System Installed At Preysal Service Station

Preysal Service Station

The Preysal Service Station project is a model for Trinidad and Tobago that integrates renewable energy into a commercial business operating model. The service station will provide the public with the full range of liquid fuels, Compressed Natural Gas and electric vehicle charging from renewable energy.

In 2021, National Energy completed the installation, testing, and commissioning of a 100-kilowatt Solar Photovoltaic System for the Preysal Service Station. National Energy was also responsible for the design, procurement, and supply of the system.


Project Lara

National Energy is facilitating the development of the Brechin Castle Solar Farm - one of two solar farms under Project Lara. Project Lara will have an output power capacity of approximately 112 megawatts (MW) and is being developed by a consortium of Lightsource bp, bp and Shell.

The Brechin Castle Solar Farm is the larger of the two commercial projects being developed, with the other located at Orange Grove, Tacarigua. Approximately 587 acres of land over three sites will be prepared by National Energy to facilitate the construction of the Brechin Castle Solar Farm which will produce 92 megawatts (MW) of power and connect to the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC)’s national electricity network.

This project will save Trinidad and Tobago 123,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions which is equivalent to taking over 26,500 cars off the road.

For more info on Project Lara, visit:

Brechin Castle Solar Farm

Orange Grove Solar Farm


Sitemap For The Brechin Castle Solar Farm


Model Solar House

National Energy partnered with the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries and the University of Trinidad and Tobago to build a one-of-its-kind solar house in Trinidad and Tobago. The 732-square feet house was designed to meet the average energy needs of a household of four to five people.

The house is not connected to the national power grid and as such is 100% energy sufficient and powered only by solar energy.

National Energy project-managed the construction of the house, which was completed in July 2015. The house is located on University of Trinidad and Tobago Point Lisas – Energy Campus.


Renewable Energy In Schools & Community Centres

National Energy along with the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries, in 2015, completed a pilot project that involved the installation of Solar Photovoltaic lighting for the exterior of several community centers across the country. Additionally, 21 schools throughout Trinidad and Tobago benefited from the successful installation of solar lighting and solar stills for water distillation.


Solar Panels Installed By National Energy At
Brazil Secondary School - CIRCA 2013



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