Manager, Leadership, Talent & Culture

Stacey Ramsamooj is an Attorney-at-Law and currently the Manager of Leadership, Talent, and Culture (LTC) at National Energy. At National Energy, Stacey leads the design and execution of strategic Human Resource (HR) services that align with the company's overall strategic intent.

Having joined National Energy in 2013, Stacey demonstrates a deep understanding of core HR principles, supported by a strong academic background. She is the holder of a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management, an MBA with a specialisation in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation, a Bachelor of Laws degree, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

Stacey's comprehensive skill set extends beyond her legal and HR knowledge. She accumulated five years of combined experience in Public Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), showcasing her versatility and ability to approach HR challenges from a holistic perspective. She also possesses in-depth expertise in Change Management, as well as training in Mediation and Industrial Relations. These additional competencies enable her to effectively navigate complex organisational dynamics and drive positive transformations.

Throughout her tenure at National Energy, Stacey has made significant contributions to the organisation's LTC initiatives. She has successfully designed and implemented the LTC strategy and spearheaded various initiatives focused on enhancing the customer interface, such as the development of a New Employee Reward and Recognition Programme and a Framework for Strategic Alignment of Training. Additionally, she has leveraged digital solutions to streamline everyday HR processes, ensuring efficiency and convenience for staff members.

Stacey is a proud member of the Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago, actively engaging with the legal community to stay informed of the latest developments in the field.



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P.O. Box 1127, Port of Spain

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