Dr. Vernon Paltoo is an accomplished professional, appointed to the position of President of National Energy in 2013. He has been instrumental in leading an extensive team of highly skilled and motivated staff in driving the company towards its mission of contributing to the development of sustainable energy-based industries. Having held several senior management positions at National Energy since 2004, including the role of Vice President of Operations, Dr. Paltoo brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his current position. He is directly responsible for executing the Company's mandate, which aligns with the Government's plan to foster the growth of a sustainable energy industry.

Under Dr. Paltoo's visionary leadership, National Energy has undergone strategic transformations. He has realigned the Company to implement strategies that facilitate the transition to a low carbon energy industry, while emphasising the critical importance of people and the use of technology. Dr. Paltoo has played a pivotal role in promoting regional collaboration, resulting in numerous state-to-state engagements. One of the key additions to National Energy's mandate under Dr. Paltoo's tenure has been the responsibility to lead the export promotion of energy services for Trinidad and Tobago. This demonstrates his commitment to expanding the country’s reach and impact on the global stage.

Throughout the past decade, Dr. Paltoo has successfully steered National Energy to maintain a strong financial position, even amidst the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. He oversaw the re-engineering of the Company's strategy and operations, ensuring business continuity and sustained profitability during this unprecedented time. In addition to his operational acumen, Dr. Paltoo is at the forefront of shaping the views and opinions on the world stage. He frequently represents National Energy in regional and international forums, contributing to discussions on green hydrogen development, energy transition and decarbonisation strategies. His insights and expertise have helped position National Energy as a leader in the energy sector.

With a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Process Engineering from the University of the West Indies, Dr. Paltoo brings a strong academic foundation to his role. He maintains professional affiliations as a senior member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and has served on several State Boards, as well as the Board of the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago.

Dr. Vernon Paltoo continues to drive National Energy towards greater success. Through the implementation of the Company's strategic plan, he has achieved significant improvements in asset integrity management, brand visibility, and operational efficiencies. His unwavering dedication to advancing sustainable energy practices and his commitment to positioning Trinidad and Tobago as a global energy leader makes him a respected figure in the industry.